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Specimen of Employment Contract Letter PDF Print E-mail

For the employment contract the standard contract of company may be used, but there shall be following main conditions:

This contract of employment is executed and entered into by and between:

1. Employer of ............................... represented in this contract by M/s .......................... a licensed recruiting agency which shall be jointly and severally responsible for compliance herewith,

2. Employee Mr ................................ of Kathmandu Overseas Pvt. Ltd., having passport no .................... both of whom voluntarily bind themselves to the following terms and conditions:

Basic Terms of the Contract

1. Employee's job title or positions:

2. Basic monthly salary:
The basic salary shall not be below the minimum wages according to the laws of the country of employment or the minimum wages fixed by the govt. of Labour supplying country, whichever is higher.

3. Duration of Contract:
The duration of contract should not be less than two years, but in special cases where salary is comparatively higher than the normal, lesser duration may be considered.

4. Travelling expenses:
Both way air passage shall be borne by the employer.

5. Accommodation:
The employer shall provide suitable accommodation free of cost. In case of working in a community where lodging can be rented and employer wishes to pay cash in lieu or rent, it shall be paid at a rate suitable to the locality.

6. Food:
The employer shall provide there meals per day to the employee free of charge or 25% of the basic salary in lieu there of.

7. Working days & working hours:
Normally working days shall be 6 days per week and one day paid holiday per week and working hours shall be 8 hours per day, 48 hours per week.

8. Overtime:
In case the employer request the worker to work overtime or on holiday, the employer shall pay for overtime or holiday work at 1.5% of the basic salary rate.

9. Leave benefits:
The employer shall clearly state the weekly holidays, annual holidays and annual vacation specifying number of days, payment of wages or other compensation which shall be according to the laws of the country of employment.

10. Medical treatment:
# The employer shall provide necessary medical treatment free of cost to his employee.
# The employee shall provide free emergency medical and dental services including medicine

11. Insurance:
The employer shall provide necessary insurance against death or injury according to the laws of the country of employment.

12. Renewal of contract:
The contract is renewable with mutual agreement of both the employer and the employee.

13. Other terms & conditions:
Other terms and conditions favourable to the employee not covered hereby an which are provided by the laws of the country of employment shall apply and form part of this contract.

14. Certification:
The employer and the employee certify that they have read the aggreement and that they fully understand. It's terms and conditions and both further certify that the going terms and conditions together with the application constitute. Their entire agreement and that any other agreement or understanding a side from further. This contract shall be considered null and void.


Seal & Signature of employer
Seal & Signature of employee


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